Now, take a look at your calendar dear reader and if it's anything like mine (I hope it is otherwise I gotta check my watch), it's early May. Winter has vanished, Spring is in the air, and we're looking towards patios, chat, fun with friends, and beer, beer, beer, and of course, beer.
So why am I still stuck in October?
Easy! I love Hallowe'en!
Well, not to the point where I dress up my dog* like Dogula© (*NOTE: I have no dog) or decorate my house** to look like a reincarnation of 1313 Mockingbird Lane (**NOTE: I have no house), but I do thoroughly enjoy it!
So, even after the fact, why not go out and enjoy a Hallowe'en themed beer, in this case, made by our friends at Wychwood Brewery (they're in the UK) called Hobgoblin! Why, the delightfully spooky label art even has a creepy little goon on the front who looks like he's ready to raise a little hell. Sadly, said label art is about all the pleasure I derived from this beer.
The ghastly details are next!
And here they are! (I don't believe in making the reader wait, 'cept for wasting your time right now reading this crap about how I don't like to make you wait – kinda ironic, huh?)
Get yourself a bottle opener, you're gonna need it, and peel off the cap – which too has a little goblin on top – and you'll pour yourself a quite deep, orangey brownish yellow colour beer, so much so in fact that light can scarcely pierce its evil soul – just like Newt Gingrich! (Just kidding Newt!)
Its nose is deceptively sweet, with notes of fruit, spice, orange peel, and perhaps, licorice? (I wrote a “?” beside that flavour note.)
Taste time, and set your taste buds to dry – and while you're at it, bitter as well. This is an incredibly hoppy beer, whose bitterness increases at the end. (Again just like Newt Gingrich!) I also picked up (probably falsely) malt on the finish as well. The taste really is strong, not sweet at all, dry, and just overwhelmingly hoppy.
I will however, give this beer a chance to speak before I past sentence! “Full bodied & well balanced with a chocolate toffee malt (Editor's Boasting: I HA I was right!) flavour, moderate (?!) bitterness & a distinctive fruity character & ruby red glow.”
Alas, this scream fest was not for me. I am not a fan of dark hop ales/beers. At all. As usual, the nose on these dark beers, for me anyway, is the best part – it's all down hill from there.
So, if you love dark beers, this may be for you, if not, save yourself a trip down Elm Street, and avoid this nightmare. BOO!
** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$3.50 (US$3.51).


  • LCBO #435743
  • Beer, Ale, Bitter Ale
  • 5.2% Alcohol/Vol.
  • Made in: England, UK
  • By: The Wychwood Brewery Company Ltd.

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