OK fellow winos and aficionados alike, I have made a solemn vow in writing this particular column: to cram in as many lame, cheesy, cliché golf jokes, references and puns that I possibly can (likely to the chagrin of you, dear reader).  In fact, I'm going to put so many in that you'll likely want to "club" me (there's one!).  Yes!  This is my aim (well not to be clubbed), but being the "duffer" that I am, I'm going to try my darnedest!  Shall we?  Yes, lets take a "swing" at it!  FORE-ward we go!

Now, I have been a skeptic of celebrity branded wines in the past, but one I had with Dan Akroyd's name on it proved to be "above par" and a true "Tiger" of the vine, so I cast my doubt aside, "wedged" my courage, and "scored" a bottle with the name of probably the most famous golfer Canada has ever produced, Mike Weir.

For those of you who do not know, Mr. Weir donned the Green Jacket after winning his first (and likely only!) Masters tournament in 2003...and he has a clothing line available at Sears (I think).  His website notes that his fondness for wine is long drawn out, as he even has grapes growing at his home, and founded his brand of wines in 2005 in Canada's famed wine producing Niagara Region.  This particular wine is a "VQA" wine, meaning it's part of the association in Ontario and BC that guarantees the quality and what not of the wine, which is generally a good sign!

But, let's not get "sand trapped" in details, let's talk about the wine - but, will his wine be as good as his golf?  (If we're talking about his golf as of late - let's hope the answer is "no"!)

On to the first hole!  Well, actually this wine has only one hole, and it's covered with a screw-top cap.  (Oh and this one lingered in the fridge for 35 minutes before teeing off.)  Upon the approach, one notes a very pale light yellow hue, like light straw, so pale, it's almost translucent.

Driving down the fairway of scent, one picks up a medium trending towards full, fruity nose, and one can definitely pick-up acidity, not unlike one's expression after driving one's ball into Rae's Creek!  It's certainly fresh and inviting: citrusy and brighter than a morning's round at St. Andrews. 

Heading onto the green of taste, one can pick-up a big "drive" of bite and zing, especially after just opening (I tried this immediately after open, so if you were to let this breathe a bit, its bite may decrease kinda, but what do I know - not much!).  Perhaps a little sweet but mostly quite dry, the citrus in this wine picks up after another swing, and I noted almost a lemony taste (which is doubtlessly wrong if you were to ask a wine expert).  This one definitely has flavours of "wood" also, as it's very oaken and full...not sure if it's a 3 wood or 5 though...this ain't no wimpy Chardonnay; it's a Golden Bear of taste!

The putting of aftertaste (okay I admit that was horrible) is quite drier than previously, with a little sourness and dry grapefruit. 

So!  This Mike Weir (I keep wanting to type "Weird" instinctively) Chardonnay was definitely no bogey.  It's got a powerful bite at the start and is very full flavoured and bold.  I think it may be better to pair with some say, fish or something in a cream sauce, or even turkey.  Next time you're out, cart yourself over to an LCBO (or wherever) and stick a bottle of this in your bag (PS never golf and drink: save that for the 19th hole!).  And on a nice note: the profits from his wines go to his charitable foundation...I'll tip my golf visor to that.

*** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$14.95 (although I saved a buck...) (US$15.54).


  • LCBO/Vintages #00000026
  • Wine, White Wine
  • 13% Alcohol/Vol.
  • Sugar Content: D
  • Made in: Ontario, Canada
  • By: Mike Weir Wine

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