"I shall return..." - Gen. Douglas MacArthur

...well, to be honest, I never really went away, I just got really, really lazy.  Yup, that is my excuse, and I am sticking with it!  It's not much of an excuse, and frankly I believe I promised to "return" in my last posting, and well, here we are several weeks later and nothing, nada, bupkus, squat!

Until tonight!  And, I do dare say, I shall try (yet again) to be more regular (not Metamucil regular) in my posting...I really do enjoy it, I just gotta get the olde gluteus maximus in gear!

So enough of my BS excuses, let's get to the Californian gem which is as thrilling as discovering that the former governor is your father!

First, kudos to my big boss for recommending this wine, he in his highly advanced age *cough* knows his wine and has had his share of bottles, and he was right on the money with this one.

First first, a little back story...(being a quote unquote historian by school training, indulge me, and the back of the bottle that tells me everything).  This winery dates back to the glory days of 1876 and the founder, Jacob Beringer, in Napa, California.  Why were these days particularly glorious?  Beats me.  K, that's all I got!  (Lucky you!)

Now!  I chilled this baby for 15 mins., rightfully or not (I think it's OK to do - I got no wine fridge!), and upon removing its natural cork, it pours a fairly medium to deep red colour, whose generous alcohol level (nearly 14%) leaves my cheapy glass nicely coated.

Sniffing time, one can pick up with one's schnoz a lovely deep red cherry nose, which is flavourful, and also has hints of darkishhhhness and wildness...nice depth, and medium strength.  Got it?  Good.

The main event (but of course I mean taste!), this wine is dry, with really good flavours, and is drinkably smooth despite the booze factor.  Its body is lightish ranging to medium, and is not too heavy, and features more cherry, and berry, perhaps of the rasp variety.  There's not a whole lot of acidity, and no real bite, contributing to its "ease of drinkingness" (maybe I should copyright that).

The bottle of course, has more advanced tasting notes, more so than this amateur can offer: "...jammy berry flavors with hints of toasted oak and black spice." chimes in with: "...blackcurrant, ripe plum, cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla tones shining through on the nose and palate."

See...goes to show what I know!

The wine's aftertaste is dry, with lighter cherry fading to the end of your sipping experience.

So!  A delight!  Lovely!  Yum!  Tasty!  Drinkable!  Fruity!  Ease of drinkingness!  Buy it!

***1/2 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$19.95 (US$20.37) (I think, it was a while ago!)


  • LCBO/Vintages #919654
  • Wine, Red Wine
  • 13.9% Alc./Vol.
  • Sugar Content: XD
  • Made in: California, USA
  • By: Treasury Wine Estates

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