Ah of cheese, croissant, the Eiffel Tower...and to paraphrase an infamous Family Feud contestant from the Dawson era...French people...and of course, wine!  But beer?

Do French people drink beer?

Apparently the answer is, "Oui!", as I picked up a can of this French beer from my friendly neighbourhood Lickbo.

Now, one would imagine that being called what it is, with the year "1664" prominently plastered across the front as well, that this beer has been made for over three centuries, since Louis XIV sat his royal rump upon the throne of France. 

And you'd be...wrong. 

Apparently it's been around since 1952.  Well then!  So where and how the hell does this year enter into things?  My extensive *cough* research indicates that the founding brewery (Brasseries Kronenbourg) dates from this year, although said brewery was swallowed up alive by bigger and bigger companies, and now lays tenderly in the arms of that small company named Carlsberg.  It is, however, the leading beer in France, so what I tasted, millions of other French have too, and seem to enjoy it!

But will I enjoy it?  And will you enjoy it??

I dunno what you think - thankfully! - but for me, Beer We Go!

Upon opening and pouring - that's an important step - it pours a very effervescent drink, with a rich, medium gold tone colour.

It provides a fresh beery scent, which is grainy and barleyesque (?), light to medium in potency, and is smooth.  So far, so good!

The test lays in the taste of course, and 1664 has a hoppy, dry body, medium depth of taste, and is definitely not sweet.  It's still fairly easy to drink as well, at a full 5% alcohol content.

"Le taste d'after" (that's not real French folks, don't Google it) is still pretty dry, and fairly hoppy as well; bitterness towards the end is apparent, not unlike Conrad Black at a sentencing hearing. Zing!

So!  Does this beer take the crown with me?  Not exactly.  Should it be sent to "Mademoiselle la Guillotine" for execution by Robespierre?  Naw.  It's a fine, okay, decent beer in my books, not a weaky, wimpy beer by any means, with pretty full flavour and robust boozy content.

One thing I'm sure we can all agree on is this: Vive la biere!  Vive la biere libre!

**3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.50 (US$2.60).


KRONENBOURG 1664, 500 mL can
  • LCBO #506741
  • Beer, Lager, Lager/Pilsner
  • 5.0% Alchol/Vol.
  • Sugar content: 3
  • Made in: Alsace, France
  • By:  Brasseries Kronenbourg

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