Gee, it's been so long since I've done this regularly, I almost forgot to keep this up! But, my legions of fans - all two of you - demand that I write, so I do! Naw, I actually do enjoy writing, in fact I thought I'd make a career out of it in journalism, so I took journalism in university; for all of four days.

Anyway! This isn't This is Your Life, this is Wine Not!, and I continue with another instalment of Thomas' Terrific Tested Tipples ("Quadruple T"), and my buddy from work hit another great wine with this lovely gem from Spain, called Hécula (kinda reminds you of that awesome cartoon from the 1960's called "Hercules," does it not? Olympiaaaaaa!).

My friends over at notes that this wine originates from an "up-and-coming" wine region in Spain, Yecla. Where is Yecla? Beats the "yec"k out of me! (Honestly, it actually looks like southeast Spain, and the website of the wine's maker - Bodegas Castano - has 500ha of land to grow grapes over four large estates - ole?)

And, for the record, "monastrell" is the grape variety used to make this baby, used to make dark, full-alchy wines, and which apparently is an international variety (meaning it's used world-wide) and was introduced to Spain in about 500 BC. Who knew! (Wikipedia knew!)

Ole! Wine time! First, I chilled this baby for 15 mins., and then after removing the natural cork, it pours a dark, ruby red colour. My George, if I didn't know better, I'd swear this was a red wine! (Aside: my apologies for no pic of the actual wine, I must have drank it all over the few days and forgot to take one. Womp womp. Shows just how good it was!)

The nose of this wine has scents of rich cherry, maybe raspberry (I can't tell, being well an amateur and all...); it's dark, with medium isn't weak! I quite enjoy full flavoured wines, in every aspect, be it taste or odor.

But the ultimate pleasure is in the taste of course dear reader, with scents and looks just being side attractions to the main event! A little zingy (zing!), this wine has strong tastes of fruit, with a medium body despite being 14% alchy - I always like a nice, full bodied wine that doesn't taste like one necessarily - if that makes any sense! Deep cherry, and perhaps, perhaps slight coffee or chocolate also feature. It's all very nice, whose flavours balance the dryness very well with rich, medium/full flavours. The aftertaste comes through with more cherry and "grapiness."

As noted, my buddy came through again with a great recommendation. Nice nose, nice depth of flavour and with an easy going nature, this one will be great on any dinner table, and is a wonderful wine at a wonderful price. My friend the back of the bottle recommends pairing it with red meats, stews and blue fish...but hey, I like to drink it just on its own!


***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$13.95 (US$14.59) (check out that exchange rate again baby, wooo!).



LCBO/Vintages #718999

Wine, Red Wine

14.0% Alchol/Vol.

Sugar Content: XD

Made in: Spain

By: Bodegas Castano

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