Hey...hey you. Ya you. Remember me? Remember these little nickel and dime wine posts I used to do? Recall how I know virtually nothing about the finer nuances of wine, and how I frankly don't really give a damn? Did you miss these posts?

HEY I wanted a positive answer, not the truth! But here we go, the return of Matt's Wine Not! I honestly have missed writing these little posts and writing about wine in a fun, easy to understand manner that everyday people can appreciate and relate freshly ground chalk, no earthy undertones - just straight up how does it taste, does it taste good, and do I like it.

So! That being said, my first of several reviews that are to come are inspired by wine suggestions from my good buddy at work, who worked for years in the restaurant biz and knows a thing or ten about wine, so I bring you Wine Not! brought to you by Thomas' Terrific Tested Tipples ("Quadruple T" for short).

The first in this series of price friendly wines personally given the thumbs up by my friend is from France, and is pretty damn nice! This wine is named for and I presume is also owned by Christian Moueix, who is a famed winemaker from France, and, according to my other friends (wow I have a lot of friends!) at Wikipedia, Mr. Moueix was awarded the title "Man of the Year" (how sexist! *gasp*) by Decanter magazine.

...I doubt they read this column. Anyway! Wine time!

Naturally corked like any good wine is (caps are fine though, and more convenient actually!), this wine pours a nice cherry red colour, which isn't too deep, and when sloshed around merrily in the glass, only produces slight glass coating. I wonder if that actually means anything? I shall have to ask around...(note to self: ask around).

Sniffing this wine with one's nose (I don't recommend using your feet), this wine is light-to-medium in strength, with a fruity nose of cherry and perhaps berries, of the straw or rasp varieties. It is fresh and fruity, and very lively, and inviting, as if it was saying, "Come on, have a drink!"
Okay, I will!! This is a definite dry and medium bodied red, with more tastes of cherry and darker fruits, and a decent boozy kick at 13%. The acidity is well balanced and not overpowering whatsoever, and is tamed very nicely. The aftertaste is dry as well, and a dry cherry taste really comes through in the end.

This wine was a tasty affair, but perhaps one better to pair with food, such as a nice piece of beef, or even some nice cheese. Mmm. Cheese. It's still very good though, and at under $15, why not pour a glass tonight?

*** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$14.95 (US$15.25) (Check out that exchange rate baby! Woo!)


LCBO/Vintages #961227
Wine, Red Wine
13% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: XD
Made in: France
By: Jean-Pierre Moueix, Negoc.

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