Greetings dear foodies and beer and wine lovers a like! Just a quick note to you all: you may have noticed that our postings have decreased, well, significantly! as of late, and we don't want you all to think that we've gotten lazy, or that we don't give a damn anymore.

The reason for our slowness in updating our site is a simple four letter word: b-a-b-y!

Yes! We have been blessed by a bouncing new (crying as I write this) bundle of joy, so we have taken a bit of a hiatus on updating our website. But, please know we think of you all, our wonderful readers and supporters, and God willing as baby grows a bit older, we'll be able to return with more delicious recipes, and a few spunky wine and beer reviews!

Stay with us, and we'll keep you posted, and as always, feel free to email us with any ideas, suggestions, etc., and time permitting, we'll try and get back to you!

Thanks for everything!

Nancy and Matt :)

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