Not often do I say that something is a "distinct pleasure," dear reader. Sure it's a distinct pleasure to sleep-in on weekends, orrrr say, a distinct pleasure to watch a new episode of one of my favourite TV shows (could be Pawn Stars for example).

But, this, this, is a distinct pleasure.

I have the honour and yes, distinct pleasure, as I noted in a recent post, to review Inniskillin's 2010 Summer Series of wines.

Inniskillin, for those foreign readers who may not have heard of it, is one of Canada's award-winning premier wineries, located in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario (also in British Columbia), Canada (yes, it's warm enough to grow wine grapes here...we've actually been in the 30 Celsius region recently, BLECH!).

Inniskillin was founded in 1974 by two individuals, Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser, and managed to obtain a winery license in the Niagara Region, the first since 1929; quite the accomplishment! Since then, Inniskillin has gone on to produce a variety of wine erm, varieties, and is arguably best known for its Ice Wine, which was chosen to be served at this past year's Nobel Prize dinner.

So! You might be asking yourself, "Geez Matt, how'd a goof like you get such a break to write for such a great winery?" First, thanks for the "goof" remark (albeit true), but it comes from the wine and cheese event my wife and I attended in the Winter of late 2009, which also was hosted by Inniskillin. We got in touch, and they were kind enough to invite me to pen a few pieces about their Summer Series! Here we are!

So! (again), what exactly comprises the wines in the Summer Series?

Excellent question! Let me enlighten thee.

Comprising of four wines (three Whites, one Red), they are as follows, all coming from their "Winemaker's Series":

  • Pinot Gris, 2008 - Barrel Aged;
  • Pinot Noir, 2007 - Three Vineyards;
  • Chardonnay, 2008 - Three Vineyards;
  • Riesling, 2008 - Two Vineyards.

The four stars.

All four wines, as with every wine produced by Inniskillin, is VQA - Vintner's Quality Alliance - certified. This is a mark of quality and excellence, and states that wines that bear this label, are comprised of 100% Ontario grown (or BC grown for BC wines) grapes. No bath tub wine here baby!!

Over the next few weeks I will be offering my own proverbial two cents on each of these wines, in the style (if you're a reader) you're accustomed to: laid back, casual, not stuffy, enjoyable (allegedly and hopefully!), and definitely, DEFINITELY, non-expert and very subject to second opinion, well, opinions, with my own thoughts, tastes, and views tossed in for fun!

(NOTE: Your level of fun may vary from piece to piece, or subject to the amount of alcohol consumed prior to or during readings of Matt's Wine Not!)

Stay tuned! ...or be sure to click back!

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