Yes, Hungarian white wine. Who would've thunk it? Well, the Hungarians, obviously!

Wine is an art mastered the world across, and our friends in Hungary are no exception. And, this very price friendly white wine (under C$/US$10.00) with a picturesque house which I can't afford on the label, should prove not only wallet friendly, but taste friendly too (how many times can I use "friendly" in one sentence?).

It's been a while dear reader, so let's get to it!

Coming with a very funkyish fakeo cork (why it's funky is beyond me really, it's kinda a rubber almost? Sure, that works...), this wine is nearly transparent in the light! but in actuality does give off a very slight yellowish hue.

Taking a deep whiff, one gets a delightful light and appley scent, which isn't too strong, but is certainly fresh, and a little bright; quite inviting.

Tasters, this is a dryish, light to medium bodied white, which is crisp, fresh, and has a little snappiness and zing! Me likes zing. It is easy to drink, has a slight sourness, and has notes of apple and light citrus/grapefruit. With a light alcohol content as well (relative to other wines, and even most whites), this wine also features a fairly clean finish on the well, finish.

Some of the most delightful wines I find are those which are very cost friendly (oops) but pack a delightful taste in the midst of all of its money saving goodness, and this one certainly fit the bill perfectly. Pick up a bottle and enjoy it today. TODAY!!!!!! Okay, tomorrow will suffice too.

**3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for C$7.95 (US$7.81).


LCBO #536268
Wine, White Wine
11.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 1
Made in: Hungary
By: Torley Pezsgopinceszet Kft

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