Some wines have hidden messages, dear reader, or so I've found, in the very way they package or label their wines. These need a little bit of intuition or logic, or hell, even some research, if one really wants to see the inner meaning of what they're getting at in how they present their wines.

Or, you can just read the back of the bottle's label, and often the truth there will set one free.

OR, you can just guess and be lucky! Anyway, the shape of the wine bottle intrigued me whilst I walked through my local LCBO, as it has a square (!) bottle bottom (see pic for an ever so brief glance). Why so? This goes back to the aforementioned mysteries and hidden meaning; apparently this wine is also named Diamond Cellars - perhaps accounting for the diamond/square bottom!

Was that really worth reading? I doubt it. Let's get down to bidness.

Coming with a screw top cap, this wine pours a purplish red hue, and the wine lingers a bit on the sides when sloshed about in a sophisticated manner (or even in the boorish manner with which I do it).

Sticking my schnoz into the glass, I picked up a cherry nose, light to medium in strength, with a fresh and tasty smell coming through.

It tasted sweety, a little dry, and not awfully bitter (yay for that; I don't particularly like wines with strong tannins); it definitely has some zing, and is grapey with some other flavours of plum and cherry. (Needless to say, I could be completely wrong - the LCBO website has their own tasting notes, and as always, I advise you check them out always too!)

The aftertaste was quite pleasing too, which is always nice (since this is usually one of the weaker factors in any wine). The flavours of the wine lingered about a little longer than perhaps usual, and gave off a little blueberry, and I concur with the wine bottle, when it notes spice.

This was a winning wine with good fruit flavours and a good degree of balance between dryness and taste, and wasn't bitter or any of those are wine nasties we all turn our collective noses up to. Those Aussies happen to mine diamonds, and I guess this one turned up out of the rough to be a jewel!

Work with me here people.

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased from a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$12.85 (US$12.86). (That's right people...the Canadian dollar is worth more than a US dollar! BOOYAH!)


LCBO #476838
Wine, Red Wine
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 1
Made in: Australia
By: Rosemount Estate Pty

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