One of the most often read reviews here on Matt's Wine Not! has been the Casilero del Diablo Cab Sauv, made in Chile, which sports an image of the Devil. To counteract the evil wiles of Satan, I bring you this Angelically inspired (just check out the label art!) Cab Sauv, also from Chile, entitled Montes Alpha.

Estate bottled (meaning, bottled on their estate, using my brilliant deduction) and having been aged in French oak (tres bien!), this real corked wine was damn well near impossible to open, at least this bottle was. That's the one thing with real corked don't position the screw correctly, and it just doesn't go in or come out properly!! (That didn't sound right, but moving on!)

Once opened and poured, it was a very deep red crimson when held up to the light.

The nose is very deep, and bears hints of dark fruits, such as blackberry, and is full, rich, and one definitely picks up the robust 14.5% alcohol content.

The true WOW factor (and that's not necessarily a good thing!!) in this wine, as with any wine, was in the taste; let's face it, nobody comes away saying, "WOW, what a great smelling wine!"

Prepare yourself for impact. This extremely dry wine is very full bodied, weighty, strong, and had some definite bitter tannins. Notes of chocolate and more dark fruits protruded noticeably.

The aftertaste continued with more chocolate, with a grapey/seedy taste in the very close. Wow indeed.

Notes on the LCBO website mention tastes of blackcurrant, espresso and oak (likely from the barrelling) amongst other flavours, and that it would likely age well with time.

That's the thing: I'm tasting these wines now, I, the self-confessed non-expert, have no idea what these wines will taste like four years from now; perhaps it'd be better than what I had, but I frankly was overwhelmed by this drink. I almost needed another drink to get over it!

Well dear reader, what can I say, but this wine wasn't for me. It was too dry, and its potency in both alcohol content and strength did not make this a sipping wine. Don't drink it alone, but perhaps find something really strong to counterbalance it: perhaps some bold red meats or game, but nothing wimpy like fish!

Montes Alpha wasn't as angelic as I had hoped, but I won't damn it to hell either; as I said, it just wasn't for me!

**1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$19.95 (US$19.95) (Note: look at that exchange rate!! Parity baby!)


LCBO/Vintages #322586
Wine, Red Wine
14.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Made in: Chile
By: Montes S.A.

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