Well dear reader, there's nothing like a fresh, tasty white wine to ring in and celebrate the re-incarnation of Spring! Riesling wines thankfully fall into this category, and this wine from Deutschland (i.e. Germany) falls smack dab into said category.

The good people at Deinhard work hard (nyuk nyuk) to bring you this fine bottle of booze, and have been making wines since 1794...makes for one long work day!

And there's nothing like a good drinky after a long work day, so let's not delay any longer...

Coming with a synthetic cork sporting some nice writing and print (I forget what it says...), it possesses ein gut pale yellow hue.

Taking a sniff, it greets the sniffer with a fresh, light and flavourful uh, sniff; flavours in the nose I picked up included apples, some citrus, peach and perhaps even a little pineapple; it's awfully sweet whatever it actually smells of, but that's up to you to decipher!

The joy of course, is in the tasting, never mind this sniffing about like Scooby-Doo for tasty clues. Brace yourself for some damn tasty wine! Crisp and flavourful, not dry, with an almost carbonated feel (this I discovered is the much vaulted "minerality" that the back of the bottle notes), it featured a matching appley, peachy taste to the nose.

There was a definite and noticeable sourness to the fruitiness, which takes over in the aftertaste, creating a little dryness and thus making one a little thirsty (for more wine, of course). A very distinct taste of dried apricots lingered in the aftertaste, which in itself was quite nice.

So! If you're ever in the mood for a light, aromatic (big words!) and fruit-filled wine that won't saturate you with booze (it's just over 10%), then look no further, and at under $12 for the bottle, won't break the bank either. Oh, and it won some German wine Silver medal in 2007. Yay!

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$11.95 (US$11.86).


LCBO #8094
Wine, White Wine
10.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3 (The wine grades itself a 5 out of 9 on its own scale.)
Made in: Germany
By: Deinhard & Co.

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