Well dear reader, it seems we're on quite the angel tangent as of late, with yet another angelically inspired red wine, this time from our French friends (or, "amis!").

Louis Jadot celebrated their 150th anniversary recently in 2009 (how can he put up with her for so long!) of making fine vino's (hence the "150 years" inscribed around the bottle neck, which yes, I know you cannot see!).

This wine comes from the famed Beaujolais-Villages region of Burgundy, France, where many a fine tipple have been made over the centuries, and under the microscope today that is my taste buds (PSH) is the aforementioned Louis Jadot vineyard's.

One of my favourite wines of all time comes from this region, but as you well know, not all wines are made equally!! So let's to it.

Naturally corked with a VERY corky cork (yup, I mean that), it has a nice lighter red colour, like a purplish-red, with some lightness, and was translucent around the edges of the glass as the light dances about like Kate Gosselin on DWTS. (And no, I do NOT watch that tripe.)

The nose is fresh, light and vibrant, fruity, as I noted raspberry and perhaps light plum; very smooth, smells delightful and fragrant! Naturally, my friends over at the LCBO have their own smelly/tasty notes, so feel free to check them out; odds are they're more right than I am, but to each their own, dammit!!

Taste time, and one is greeted by dryness and some fruit, such as light berries, and is light to medium bodied. The fruity goodness is definitely not as noticeable as in the initial smell; that's usually the case!

It is dry on the finish, with definite tannins (bitterness), and a "grapey/seediness." It even felt a little, how shall I say, "watery" in its close, perhaps just the tastes fading off.

Monsieur Jadot produces quite a nice wine, but it's no archangel, at least to these taste buds. Still, it's pretty good and it tasted even better the next day! I know it's supposed to be wronggg to drink wine after having left it open for a day, but hey, I'm not going to down a whole bottle of wine by myself at dinner time! That'd be fun mind you...but I'm still not going to do it!!

**3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$15.95 (US$15.86).

From LCBO.com:

LCBO/Vintages #365924
Wine, Red Wine
12.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: D
Made in: Burgundy, France
By: Maison Louis Jadot

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