Here in Canada, dear reader, we have to put up with a lot of weather related crap when it comes to the Spring. One day it's 24 Celsius (look it up Americans!) the next day, it's 7. Then, back up to 15; then back down to 8. I mean...WTF (what the fudge...yes...).

SO! What better way to say "eff you" to the up and down weather than to buy a beer that SCREAMS: shorts; fine hot weather; and, MMM tasty tasty beer!

While it may seem contradictory to put "strawberry" and "beer" in the same sentence, trust me when I say it's not at all, and this beer is one of the most fragrant and tastiest you can acquire to enjoy on a fine Summer or Spring (if the bloody weather cooperates) day.

Get a bottle opener for this one (and you'll need several bottles, as you don't get much of it at one go...two make a pint!), and you'll pour to see a reddish, cloudy colour that's orangy-red, with a slight milkiness on the edges of the glass. The light can't even penetrate this one, so don't even try! (Not that you would, I'm just saying.)

Upon taking a whiff, one gets a slightly beery nose, but it is overwhelmingly strawberry, which is just intense. It truly is rich, fruitful, flavourful, and fresh, and this carries over to the taste department very well!

One is greeted by a ZIPPINESS! and carbonation. It is indeed fruitful, almost like strawberry jam. Fruli is full and rich, tasty, and just damn wonderful.

The aftertaste does bring up the wheatiness (it is a wheat beer), which comes to the forefront; the berry does hang around, and there is some dryness to it; I still can't complain though!

This beer is indeed a tour de force in the realm of strawberriness. And that is perhaps why I am withdrawing my advice of getting several bottles: it is so rich and full, that chugging back bottle after bottle of strawberry beer might make one too full, or cause one to change their surname to "Smucker." It is delicious though, find yourself one and join me in saying EFF you to variable temperature changes, and sit back, drink, and enjoy!

***1/2 out of 4

Purchased from a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.35 (US$2.31).


LCBO #698548
Beer, Wheat
4.1% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 6
Made in: Belgium
By: Van Diest Beer Company

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