Ah, passion. Conjures up so many wonderful, stirring say the least. From first loves, to marriages that still seem to keep that smoldering wonder, who doesn't love passion?

Perhaps this spark is what this particular vintner was trying to capture when they named this wine, well, "Passion." The graphics on the label certainly do lend towards this, with the cutesy little heart, and the (you can't see it here) elongggggated bottle neck suggesting some neck you just want to kiss up and down perhaps a la Gomez Addams as he did to Morticia. For my part, I had to add the faux red rose...just for you, dear reader.

What a shame however, that this wine lead to not so much passion, if even mild flirtations. Such is love!!

And such is wine.

Coming with a screw top cap ("screw top"...hynahahah...*ahem*), it poured a deep violet-red colour, and looked rich and voluptuous swirling about the glass, as it slowwwly lingered on the walls. Tres seductive! Unfortunately that's about all the good I have to say. Well, not really, but read on anyway!

Its nose was full and deep, of dark cherry, and a little spice...this untrained schnoz couldn't pick up much else of anything really. Woe!

Upon tasting, one gets a slightly spicy hint, with some wild dark fruit in its flavour. It is light to medium bodied, not too dry, perhaps a little sweet - it was frankly, a little limp. Limp? Passion? This ain't no Viagra ad.

And, if you're looking for some dramatic, sweeping, happy romantic ending...keep looking. The aftertaste didn't stand up any way spectacular either: it was a little mild, faded a little slowly, and lingers a little bit.

I suppose you could say that drinking Passion was a little like a blind date: you anticipate it, try it out, but in the end, leaves you regretting it, even just slightly.

This wasn't a bad wine, it was Don't stop loving!!

**1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$7.50 (US$7.34).


LCBO #146449
Wine, Still Table Wine, Red Still Table Wine
13% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 1
Made in: Portugal
By: Casa Santos Lima-Comp. Das Vinhas Sa

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