Oregonian white wine? Immediately I knew I had to grab a bottle, just to see what the Oregonian wine industry was producing...not that I knew they were producing, well, anything really, but sometimes if I see a bottle from a unique or geographical area I have not sampled, I have to try it for the hell of it.

It makes sense that there is a wine industry in this particular part of the Etats-Unis; California is right next door, and the Pacific Northwest is indeed known for its wine industry (British Columbia ain't too far away either). Our good friends at wiki say that they've been making wine commercially in said state for almost 50 years! So! Wine not try it indeed!!

Coming with a screw-top cap, this brother of the Pinot Grigio is a little cloudy, and pours a light yellow hue, perhaps even a little lighter than my lousy photography might otherwise indicate. The slight dripping down the side of the glass displayed that this one was no wimpy weak white wine, and some body would soon follow.

The nose certainly showed quite a lot of body on its own! Full and brimming with fruity overtones, it was fresh and sweet like a new relationship, peachy and melony (that last epithet, "melony," I do admit was corrupted into me by previously reading a product description of the wine before buying it...but have a sniff, you may smell it too!!).

The true experience, of course, is in the taste, and this one will give ya a swift kick in the arse upon trying it. A definite kick and definite sourness strikes one immediately, making one pucker just ever so slightly. The initial sourness yields to a lighter "grapiness" (yup, I'm a pro), with continued notes of peach and citrus, including grapefruit.

Cloudline Pinot Gris does go down the hatch well, and although dry, the crisp sourness takes the edge of the dry-ity...yeah, a real pro! Its aftertaste bears a nice slight sweetness in the background.

This wine was definitely no weak white, as alluded to before. Full of flavour, it trends on the medium to full body, and is an avalanche of flavour and sensations: acidity, crispness, and a sourness that would go well with equally full-flavoured dishes (think spice or something like that). Well worth trying just to see what those Oregonians are up to these days...whether or not Cloudline leaves you on cloud 9 is up to you...!

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$16.95 (US$16.67).


LCBO/Vintages #159988
Wine, White Wine
13.4% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: D
Made in: Oregon, United States
By: Domaine Drouhin

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