Well dear reader! There's nothing like, oh, FOOD POISONING! to really take the wind out of one's sails (or the liquor out of one's system *insert grimace here*). And what's worse, I had to pour almost an entire litre and a half (that's like almost three pints for my Yankee readers) of good red wine down the drain, because I had opened it - gotten sick - and then felt like drinking nothing until I got better, by which time el vino had gone stale *insert frowny face*. What a sin!

But, by the Good Grace of the Lord, I'm back at it! And, speaking of Yankees earlier, today's beer happens to epitomize America (by its name at least), Liberty Ale!

America takes a lot of flack from the rest of the world, but most are genuinely lovely people with good hearts and souls, with an entrepreneurial spirit that produces many wonderful products. While I won't go so far as to call this beer one of the BEST they've produced, it certainly ain't bad.

On to details? Yes, let's!

First, this beer doesn't "screw around" - literally! It notes right on the cap: use opener. That's VERY clever and very considerate, especially if any muscle bound oafs out there get the idea that this one can be opened easily! Much like Fort Knox, you need the right know how to get into it - get yourself an opener!

It pours a hazy golden, orangy colour, and is a little cloudy (I assume due to its use of top fermenting yeast and the process therein - these types of fermented beers always have a cloud if I recall correctly...IF!).

It has a light and fragrant bouquet, smelling a little like banana, or light orange...very fresh indeed! What bananas and oranges have to do with "liberty" is beyonddd me...but I'm not complaining!

Upon taste, there is a little bitterness, definite dryishness, and one can indeed pick up an orangy taste, and the carbonation produces a degree of freshness, which the bitterness does tame, however. The hoppiness of the well, hops, comes to the forefront of the aftertaste.

So there you have it. As noted, this isn't the best beer Uncle Sam has ever made, but it is by far not the worst. The freshness and slight fruity tastes fades a little too fast for my taste, but it does have a nice balance otherwise, keeping the 5.9% alcohol well in check. If you have a taste for liberty, you may very well enjoy this beer!

I wonder if there's a "Communism Beer"...

**3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$3.90 (US$3.71).


LIBERTY ALE, 650 mL bottle
LCBO #580217
Beer, Ale, Craft Brewery
5.9% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3
Made in: California, United States of America
By: Anchor Brewing Co.

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