Like the picture? I hope so. Whilst most of the world languishes in frigid temperatures or heaps of snow, I thought to myself, "What could brighten up the world of readers of Matt's Beer We Go!?" No, flowers didn't come to mind, but I thought it'd make a good gift for the wife (brownie points!) and so I threw it in as a cheap backdrop. So, I didn't really think of the reader at all, but take it for what it's worth!

That being said, I venture into a semi-slightly new world, and I know the beverage at hand is not strictly beer - nor is it beer even in a loose sense, but what the hell, I thought I'd review it anyway.

The drink at hand, is a variety of cider - alcoholic fruit juice, with a lot of carbonation. Most are made with apples, but this particular style is made of pears of a distinct variety found in the UK. Pear cider - or perry (hence the name) - has been made for centuries and is also made in France.

So! With that useless information for your next cocktail party out of the way, on to the drinky.

Canned (surprise!), it poured a very light yellow hue, like a very light apple juice. An apparent pear sweetness is present in the nose, and although not heavy, it is noticeable, with hints of apple (my friends at also note peaches - sure why not, it's an orchard-y scent) also present.

Tasting time, prepare for a strong kick of tart sweetness, again with a slight, not overpowering pear flavour. The tartness/sourness dries the mouth very fast, but in a pleasing way, making one want to certainly enjoy a few more sips. The carbonation is very refreshing as well, and goes down fine, and is easy to drink.

A very unique beverage, this perry scores for its light fruity taste, it's nice alcohol strength (a solid 6%), and for its pleasing aftertaste. And, at less than C$3 a can, it's a good deal! Perry on!

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.60 (US$2.53).


LCBO #8144
Wine (!?), Cider
6.0% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 4
Made in: England, UK
By: Matthew Clark Brands Ltd.

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