Well dear reader, here you go! To follow up on my wife's posts regarding her top recipes, it's only fair to all you winos, erm, connoisseurs, that I ingratiate you with my top five wine picks of 2009! Now, of course, this does not mean that these wines were produced in 2009 (frankly I don't even know if there are any 2009 vintages out...that'd be awfully damn early!), but rather I had the pleasure to review these wines this year.

I have chosen these top five wines based on one lone criteria: did I dig it, and did I dig it LOTS. This list, therefore, is my top five reviewed wines based on my star system out of four (4) stars. There were many wines that scored identical scores, so choosing what DID get on the list wasn't easy, and there are many that I did not put on here that I enjoyed equally.

It is my sincere hope that you have enjoyed these simple wine reviews, even if you've come to disagree with my ratings, or tasting notes, whatever, because I wanted to write about wine for the 99% of us who cannot and do NOT want to taste pencil shavings, freshly crushed stones, or care about nuanced smooth tannins, cellaring, or fussy food pairings.

That being said, enjoy this brief summary of the best of 2009!

V) ***1/2 out of 4

Number five on the list was the deliciously refreshing and scintillating Magnotta White Merlot, whose aromas of peaches and strawberry, and equally delightful hue, reminded one of a bright Summer day. Light to medium bodied, it was a sweet, well-flavoured drink, whose aftertaste, although a little faint, did not leave one disappointed.

I reviewed many other reds and whites which also recieved the ***1/2 out of 4, but for its sheer distinction of having the character of a red with the lightness of a white, this one deserves a spot of honour. If you can find a bottle still, grab one, it'll remind you that Spring will again return one day.

IV) ***3/4 out of 4

Number four on our top five list was this delightful, and very price friendly red out of France. A very berry and fruit forward red, it was medium bodied and went down very well.

I recall being in a rottenish mood not long before writing this column, so I didn't do a very good job noting tastes or anything, but I can assure you it was damn tasty, and at under $12/bottle, will compliment your next meal nicely.

III) ***3/4 out of 4

Ah, Monsieur Duboeuf, you made an awfully amazing wine, so much so that you earned the #3 spot on this year in review crap! Pouring a deep cherry coloured hue, this Beaujolais was light and fragrant, of flowers and fruit, and reflected these smells in the taste as well. It was light, refreshing and easy to drink, and simply wonderful, with even an excellent aftertaste.

This wine too, not unlike the White Merlot, reminded me of a lovely Spring day in a garden. Weird as that may sound, you'll want to taste Spring especially if you're in one of those Godforesaken snow belt states or provinces or nations.

I repeat what I wrote in my original column: Beauj-olais!

II) **** out of 4


Ah what fond memories this wine generates, and was only one of two which I graded a perfect four out of any wine truly perfect? Probably not, but damn, it was near close to this wine amateur.

A deep ruby red, it burst forth from the bottle with copious amounts of berries and fruit (muchas strawberry), and although definitely dry, the flavours just overflowed and filled one's mouth beautifully, immersing the senses in a symphony of taste.

To quote my column once more, it was bold, beautiful, and was long and satisfying, an utter treat to enjoy.

And now, the top, triumphant, Lord and King of all wines for 2009 as reviewed here on Matt's Wine Not!, the undisputed champioooooooonnnnnn...

I) **** out of 4


Just thinking of this beauty makes my mouth salivate. What a tour de force, a triumph. This Gamay was my first foray into Gamay style wines, and it was simply magnificent.

It was rich, and thick and tempting, and was scented of wild, foresty type fruits, as well as cherries, and tasted of blueberries, blackberries, and other dark fruits.

Almost like a dessert wine, this medium to thick bodied wine was truly sumptuous, luxurious, a treat to even experience and enjoy. I look forward to next year's vintage, although this one will be damn tough to beat!

That about wraps it up! In fact, it does wrap things up for Matt's Wine Not! "best of" 2009 wines. I had a lot of wonderful wines this year, a few duds too, but those thankfully were few and far between, and I look forward to serving you, my adoring public, next year!

All kidding aside, thanks for reading, and if you drink this New Year, don't drive. Take care!


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