You've heard the old cliche dear reader, that we are not to judge a book by its cover (but of course 99.999% of us do so; for you 0.001%, you're lying!).

The same can be said for wines.

As noted in my most recent post, some wines with elaborate labels cast a very respectable, grandiose, nearly imposing aura upon the drinker. Labels from French chateaus, for example, exude class, and speak to history and art with a mix of colours and styles.

This Italian wine seeks to go completely 180 degrees in its packaging, holding true to it's claim (on the back of the bottle) of being a "modern" wine. Now, I'm not sure what a "modern wine" is supposed to entail (perhaps it sips cappuccinos at Starbucks while listening to Michael Bublé), but what I am sure is that no matter its packaging, the good Italian people at Masi make a damn fine tipple.

According to an expert authority (the back of the bottle), this wine is comprised of three grape varieties: corvina, rondinella, and molinara, all three of which are often used to make this wine which I had the pleasure to enjoy (i.e., valpolicella, which is produced in the region of Verona, Italy).

So, I dunno about your part of the world, but in my part of the world, snow, windchills of minus 30 Celsius, slush and ice will all be a reality soon, so let's venture to the sun drenched hills of Italy and escape with this wine, shall we? (And if it's summer or warm where you are, just shush and humour me.)

Synthetically corked (a very unique one I might add, it was some sort of plastic almost and quite hard to get off the bottle opener), this wine poured a plummy red colour, not too dark with a slightly lighter red hue than other reds. One gets a feel that this will be a lighter red, not only due to its 12% alcohol, but by the way the wine trickles down the glass quicker than some other fuller bodied red wines. (I hope you learned something.)

Although it is a 12% wine, it still exudes a medium strength nose, with scents of cherries and plum. These notes are reflected upon tasting as well: a fruity, dry drink, with some dark fruits, with a natural, almost woodsy feel, and is not heavy, nor bitter. One also gets a sensation of earthy, herbacious goodness (legal herbs, people!) which adds another taste dimension.

This wine does have some acid on finish however, with a nice little zing and kick to the arse, erm, taste buds.

Overall, this was a very very satisfying wine. It presented a very very tasty balance of fruit with a very very great mix of body and acid, giving you a variety of experiences within one glass (or if you're inclined to share, a few glasses; but who wants to share?). I verily recommend it, so verily well go out and get one!


*** 1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$14.95 (US$14.18).


LCBO #285585
Wine, Red Wine
12% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 1
Made in: Veneto, Italy
By: Masi Agricola S.P.A.

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