Well dear reader, I never thought I'd be reviewing a wine whose prominent image on the bottle was little bits of yeast bacteria crawling about happily making wine.

I guess there's a first for everything!

This winery obviously takes great pride in the fact that their wine is made using natural yeasts: it says so on the label (kinda). Okay!

For you wine newbies such as myself, the yeast is a critical component in wine making, as it interacts with the sugars in the juice of the grapes to produce the booze.

But! You didn't come here for a chemistry lesson (I sucked at chemistry, but found it oddly fascinating), so on to the wine!

Although it came with a screw top cap, it was - at least this particular bottle - near damn well impossible to open, so break out your inner Incredible Hulk to open this one.

Although slightly lighter ruby red in colour, it cast a very rich and appealing colour. The wine itself looked slightly thicker as well, and lingggggggggered around the wine glass, trickling down slowly.

This is indeed a powerful wine, for even holding the glass several centimetres (fine, inches) away from one's schnoz, one can still pick up a solid kick. Closer up, one gets a more nuanced observation of full, edgy, deep and dark flavours, such as raspberries...not that raspberries are edgy per se, it's just a very full flavoured drink. And, as I acknowledged after reading the back of the label, floral notes certainly are present.

One's taste buds absolutely tingle upon taste, engulfing one's cheeks with flavours; this is a definite powerful, dry, full bodied wine, consisting of wild fruits and other natural woodsy flavours (given that this is aged in French oak barrels, there is no doubt some residual woodsiness from this source).

In the aftertaste department, one can taste a slight seediness, slight bitterness in the tannins, although this is by far not a wine turn-off (to coin a phrase).

This Pinot Noir proved to be a taste powerhouse, and even at a significant 14% alcohol kick in the arse, it was very well balanced in that tastes countered the alcohol sufficiently to present a very tasty, enjoyable wine. I think this would pair nicely in any holiday get together, particularly with wild birds or other gamy meats.

Whatever that Chilean yeast is doing, it ought to keep up the great work! Wild Ferment presents a second excellent wine in a row reviewed here on Matt's Wine Not!

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$18.95 (US$18.00).


LCBO/Vintages #510396
Wine, Red Wine
14% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: XD
Made in: Chile
By: Vina Errazuriz S.A.

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