Guten tag mein herr reader! Break out the lederhosen and waltzing music, it's time for ein gut German beer!

The German brewer who makes this fine drinky is Bavaria's oldest Weizen (i.e. wheat) brewer, and was founded in 1827 by Georg (not a typo!) Schneider (I guess that's his mug on the label) and his son of the same name, and the firm continues to be operated by a line of Schneider's to this day.

How refreshing (just like their beer!) to see a brewer that has not been gobbled up by some faceless soulless least for the time being. That being said, go out there and remember to support your locally owned breweries or microbreweries (or vineyards for that matter): they continue to innovate and keep the craft evolving.

On to the main event! Let's get ready to drrrrrrrrinkkkkkkk! (In a refined manner, of course.)

After uncapping this German beauty with a bottle opener, it pours a very cloudy, orangey brown brew, frankly apple cider in appearance. Why cloudy? I'm assuming that it is due to the top-fermenting yeast (used in the making of the beer) which has settled on the bottom of the bottle (so says the bottle, and I listen to bottles...maybe that's why I drink ahaha...ha.)

Quite! It is a fragrant, light and sweet smelling beer, giving off notes of bubble gum (the pink original flavour, not watermelon strawberry crap) and yes...banana.

As a brief aside, believe it or not, this banana scent is common amongst wheat beers, the most famous and popular (arguably) of which is Belgium's Höegaarden. While a banana smelling beer might sound like a turn off, believe me when I say it's not!

Tasters time: some of the banana-ny-ness is indeed present, with light to medium, dryness and maltiness prevailing upon the taste buds (this maltiness is from the malted wheat). The aftertaste provides some bitterness and continued dryness.

I enjoyed this beer quite a lot, and as with many great European beers, it comes in a pint size bottle, so definitely another good bang for one's buck. One also gets a bang from the 5.4% alcohol content, but Schneider Weisse is crafted as such that the alcohol doesn't take away anything from the flavours.

Truly ein gutes Bier!

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.80 (US$2.65).


LCBO #366070
Beer, Wheat
5.4% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3
Made in: Bavaria, Germany
By: Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn

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