Ah, domestic beer.

Doesn't conjure up many pleasant images usually does it?

Most often when one thinks "domestic" one thinks cheap, available, and at times, well, crap.

This beer, brought to you by Molson (brewing since 1786, and is North America's oldest brewer), definitely fits one of the above labels: that is, domestic, because it definitely is far from crap.

Now I know I'll take some flack for loving this beer as much as I do, but it has been a stalwart and faithful brew for me for many a year, for a few simple reasons: yes it's affordable, yes it's available, but it's rich, flavourful, and damn tasty.

Export, along with others like Canadian, and others made by Molson's foil Labatt (Blue, Blue Light, 50 etc.), are the cornerstones of Canadian beer, but to these taste buds, Export stand above (although Labatt 50 is pretty good too...)

Like all price friendly beers (because Export is too good to be called "cheap"), this beer comes with an easy screw top cap, no bottle opener required (yay). Its presentation is very basic though: label with the typical dark brown glass bottle.

When poured (if you don't just drink out of the bottle), a nice golden hue is given, not too dark, and the ale is very effervescent (meaning the bubbles are bubbly).

If you are one to sniff your beer, you will get a pleasant and inviting fruityish nose of hmm, apples I'd say, as well as that general good beery sweet smell of grains.

The blend of the grains make a very nice beer, smooth but distinct and snappy; it is very drinkable, fresh, but has enough body and depth to make it very satisfying. Ex is by no means a light beer, and comes in with a full 4.9% alcohol.

This beer has been brewed since 1903 and continues to sail strong as a favourite amongst Canadian (especially, seemingly, amongst Québecois) beer drinkers. For all you non-Canadians, if you're ever north of the border or see Ex elsewhere, grab a bottle, and see what great Canadian beer is made of. Because there's nothing half way about it...Ex says it all!

***1/2 out of 4

Purchased at The Beer Store (case of 15) for C$20.95 (US$19.81).

(This beer is also available at some Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) stores.)

Beer, Ale
4.9% Alcohol/Vol.
Made in: Canada
By: Molson Coors

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