Well I don't know about your part of the world dear reader, but here in my neck of the woods, the nights are becoming longer, the days shorter, the temperature dropping, and my need for wine rising!

After a long slog (?) at work, there's nothing like coming home to a wonderful meal (look at the things on this website!) and an equally wonderful bottle of wine.

The trick with doing this column however, is that I never know what I'm gonna get (sound familiar Bubba?); the wines I buy from are a total crap shoot. I might buy a wine on the recommendation of the LCBO's Vintages magazine, or merely because it comes from a certain place in the world that I feel I have not covered as much as I should, or hell, even based on the art on the label! And, needless to say, the price has to be right for any bottle to come on down.

I chose this wine for the following reasons: 1) it's from France; 2) the price was right; and 3) the bottle said the vineyard's been around since 1754. If they survived the French Revolution and two world wars, then they must be doing something right!

Given my pretty much random way of selecting wine, fortunately I've been more lucky than not in most cases, and thankfully this wine continues my lucky streak as of late. OR, maybe I'm just that damn good...yeah, I like that explanation better...*ahem!*

On that silly note, let me tell you about the notes of this French beauty. Corked naturellement with a very homey, classical vineyard type art on said cork, it pours a sensual cherry red, deep, but not quite as pronounced as others.

Upon taking a whiff, one gets a fairly noticeable alcohol punch, which thankfully does not drown out the other smells of dark berries and cherries.

Having been inticed by the smell, dive on in and get a mouthful, as the wine does indeed fill the mouth with flavour (meaning this one ain't weak), with a nice, quite dry medium body, with fruity notes that are not as noticeable as the nose. The dark fruits do come to the fore as well though, with a zesty little kick in the arse put in for good measure.

The tannins (bitterness) do stick around in the aftertaste, but not to the point of being offensive or nasty or bleh or well, you get the point.

Despite the randomness of all my selections, including this one, this wine was a hit with these tastebuds, and should be with you too! So, despite winter's icy grip, don't fret, don't despair, head on down to your favourite booze store, put on some music, grab a bottle, and all will be well.

***1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$16.95 (US$15.91).


LCBO/Vintages #127407
Wine, Red Wine
12.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: D
Made in: Burgundy, France
By: Ets. Loron & Fils

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