Well dear reader, it's been a while! Why, you may ask? One word: cold. I wonder who gave those sniffles to Nancy? *whistles inconspicuously* Fear not though, she's on the mend, and my sense of smell has much improved. I tell ya, nothing takes the fun out of wine and drinking, period, than the damn sniffles. I blame the devil.

That being said, it's good to be back in business, and having blamed the devil, it's appropriate that my first wine back is entitled, "The Devil's Cellar" (in English). Long story short, in 1883 the owner of this wine cellar noted that locals were stealing his booze, so given their superstition, he told them that Satan inhabited the depths of his cellar: no bottles were ever stolen again.

The story stuck to the point that the label was demonically branded, along with a frightening little devil plastered on the red foil atop the bottle and above the label. I love this frankly, but I guess it shows I'm not quite ready to give up Hallowe'en quite yet...

This Chilean delight comes with a natural cork and is blood...erm, a deep red crimson when poured.

Upon first sniff and many repeated sniffs thereafter, one can grab some nice deep notes of fruit, specifically cherry and perhaps some black fruits; it is rich with a medium to heavyish bodied nose.

Taking a swig, one can pick up some bitterness from the tannins, but it is not overbearing, leaving the rich full tastes of further cherries and dark fruits to take over, and perhaps with just the ever slightest hint of spiciness.

Now, I must admit that I hate reading the back of wine bottles prior to tasting, especially if they give tasting notes, because it will taint my taste buds. That is, instinctively, the mind will look specifically for those certain notes just so one can feel like a winepert (i.e. wine expert) and that one's taste buds are sophisticated enough to taste everything the label claims is in the wine. Got that? Good.

In this instance, I read the label after tasting, where it does indeed note cherry flavours, but further to that...notes of chocolate or mocha! I would never have thought of these tastes in a million years, but I swear, they are there!! I would never have guessed chocolate prior to reading it, but now that I have, well...now ya know what I meant by the above!

Anywayyyyy, the aftertaste perhaps isn't as pleasing as the initial taste, as I picked up almost a raisiny, "grape seed" taste kicking about, but not to the point of making one go, "Blech!" with a sour face. So worry not.

So then! A good bodied, smoothish and flavourful drink awaits you once you open a bottle of the devil's wine. I know we're taught to resist temptation, but this time, go ahead. What the hell.

*** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$12.95 (US$12.31).

From LCBO.com:

LCBO #278416
Wine, Red Wine
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Made in: Chile
By: Concha Toro S.A.

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