Hi everyone, I am writing this post to announce that Food Tastes Yummy has recently partnered with a new online personal organizational website called Springpad. Before being approached for this exciting opportunity, I was already a Springpad user and found it to be a great way to share my recipes with the whole Springpad community.

Last month, my recipe for blueberry lemon bread was a featured recipe of the day on Springpad's affiliated website, The Simple Me. Since that time, my relationship with the Springpad community has grown to new heights. Let me explain briefly what Springpad is and what you can do as a member.

Springpad is a free online personal organizer that helps people manage their day-to-day lives. The purpose of Springpad is to make it easy for users to collect and share information from bloggers, different brands, and trusted friends. To date, the Springpad community of hundreds of food bloggers and thousands of members have already collected and shared more than 50,000 recipes and created more than 15,000 weekly meal plans.

This is a screenshot of my Springpad page - if you would like to follow me here is the link to my page: Foodtastesyummy (different name from screenshot)

For all of you that like to cook - since obviously you're on this site - here are some highlights of the new Springpad:

  • click on the Save it! button on partnered food bloggers and other websites to collect recipes from across the web.

You will see this button at the end of each recipe post on Food Tastes Yummy.

  • personalize and share your recipes by adding notes, photos and videos
  • you can automatically generate shopping lists from the recipes you collect
  • access your recipes, shopping lists and meal plans on the go with the Springpad mobile web application.
  • use your recipes in one of Springpad's many applications like the weekly meal planner

I hope all of you will try Springpad for yourself and see first hand how helpful this can be in organizing your busy day-to-day lives. Planning meals has never been so easy! Happy eating every one!

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