What's better than wine dear reader? I'm trying to think...a million dollars? Yeah, probably...but I'm not going to worry about THAT anytime soon. Hmm, what else? A great vacation? Sure, but that's fleeting. Well, I happen to know what IS better than wine. Easy.


Big...shout out (is that what the kids say?) to E. and V. for their gracious gift of this wine: this blog's for them! The thing is though *whispers* sometimes when wine is given as a present, it turns out to be pretty lousy...

But...HAPPY DAY! This one ain't lousy! Score again!!! What luck have I! Free wine and delicious to boot! Maybe I should play ye olde lottery...pshhsh.

For now though, sit back and enjoy as you revel in the delights of this fine Italian vino, which apparently is made predominantly in Tuscany.

And what a fine wine it is, even the cork is classy, as it reflects the lion rampant (suddenly I know heraldry?!) on the shield of the label. Once poured, a lighter cherry red hue embraces the glass, not as deep as most other reds. As it turns out, this cherry theme carried onwards in both smell and taste.

Upon a few nice whiffs, one can pick up some peppery spice, along with raisins and a nice deep nose of dark fruits, including the aforementioned cherry. Although spices in red wine scare me (I'm seeking therapy, honestly), it is my duty to carry onward!!

*Glug glug glug!* Ah, what a pleasant surprise: no hint of spice really in the taste! This is something I truly have learned dear reader: that which one smells is not necessarily reciprocated in taste, and vice versa. (Maybe I should put that on a bumper sticker.) Anyway!

This chianti is light to medium bodied, fresh, with smooth pleasant flavouring, with a touch of berries and of course, cherries! The aftertaste fades nicely, but not too quickly, rounding out this wine wonderfully in all categories that one may be concerned with. Or something.

So, to sum up, I think I'll call this wine the wine of the three cherries: colour, smell, taste. Wouldn't three cherries win you something on a slot machine? Methinks so!

Maybe I should play the lottery. In the meantime, go out and try this wine, you'll love it. And next time you're given a wine for free, don't necessarily fear: you may be pleasantly surprised!

***1/4 out of 4

Given to me for free from a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$0.00 (US$0.00).

(But you can buy it for C$26.95 (US$25.01)).


RUFFINO CHIANTI, 1500 mL bottle
LCBO #42606 (750 mL bottle: #1743)
Wine, Red Wine
12.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 1
Made in: Tuscany, Italy
By: Chianti Ruffino S.P.A.

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