Happy Hallowe'en boos and ghouls! I hope your day has been filled with chills and thrills, and perhaps if you're anything like me, booze (but only in moderation mind you, or in my case, just this one far!).

The same folks who brought you my earlier post about Pumpkin Ale has conjured up from the hottest depths of Hell this devilish brew which is oh so apt for today and all that it entails.

Not only did they pick a demonic name, they ensured that the "666" theme ran through and through the very making of this drink:

  • 666 kg of malt were used;
  • 6.66 kg of hops;
  • 66.6 minutes of boiling;
  • 6% alcohol;
  • conceived on 6/6/06.
Now is that devotion or is that devotion??

Settle in now dear reader as we descend into the lair of Lucifer and try this beer! (A bit melodramatic perhaps?)

Canned with a very blunt artistic make up, the beer pours a deep amber brown, although if you hold it into direct lamp light: blood red!!! Muahaha...

Like the Serpent tempting Eve in the Garden, it has an appealing nose of fresh grains, chiefly malt, and is sinple..erm, simple, and straight forward to the point.

Although I am not a fan of most ales and bitters as you may be well aware, this one does not offend by being overly bitter, although it certainly is a bitter ale. The taste is smooth even with a big alcohol content, and is light, with noticeable hops and definite malts, producing a smoldering, smoking, musty taste (must be all the sulphur in the Bottomless Pit).

It finishes quite nicely as the bitterness fades off into eternal damnation, leaving a slight grainy sweetness to complete this wickedly good ale.

Wow. Maybe I'm a convert to certain dark ales...then again, maybe the Devil made me do it...because, as the can itself says on its back, "The Devil made me brew it!"

Pick up a can or two of this tonight while you still can, it'll possess you and won't let you go...hopefully without unfortunate head spinning, spider walking or other physical contortions a la The Exorcist. In any case, it's a sinfully good brew!!

*** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.60 (US$2.40).


DEVIL'S PALE ALE, 473 mL can
LCBO #615880
Beer, Ale, Craft Brewery
6% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Great Lakes Brewing Co. Inc.

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