I was walking through the liquor store late one night,
when my eyes beheld an awesome sight...

From the shelves it stared and began to wail,

And so thus begins this eerie tale!

I bought the ale.

I bought the Pumpkin Ale.

I bought the ale.

It was an instant sale.

I bought the ale.

I'm a beer drinking male!

I bought the ale.

I bought the Pumpkin Ale!

With an impossible cap I went to drink,

With fresh spicy smells I knew not what to think,

Though orangy the bitter hops struck me hard,

Not knowing this taste would be in the cards!

...okay if you thought I'd sing out this entire review, you're crazy (perhaps crazier than I!).

But that about sums up this beer! I will, however, elaborate briefly on the above.

First, it wasn't late at night in the liquor store...more like...5ish. Yeah.

It is capped (duh) and needs a bottle opener, lest you tear your epidermis clear off. A nice touch was the orange foil on top (the "smile") in the pic. And yes, as eluded to, it did indeed present an orange-amber hue - it's a pumpkin palooza!

Taking your first sniff, ah, how haunting! Fresh! Light! With a nice lil' nose of spice (cloves?) and some sweetness, it's like taking a whiff of pumpkin pie (and the spices are sure to ward off any Vampires in the immediate vicinity). They spared no expense on this baby!

Alas this tale doesn't have a happy ending, much like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Or, the Modern Prometheus). Much like other wonderfully scented beers, the actual taste is a bit of a bat in the belfry. Very strong hops take over, although the spices do reverberate in the background, like footsteps on a creeky floor board.


Although a somewhat high alchy percentage, one doesn't get too much of an alcohol kick in the arse - the dryness and the bitterness of the hops really do rule this spooky beer.

I will give it this however, after a few gulps, and letting it settle, the strong hoppiness isn't as demonic and the spices do take over a bit more.

For the record, I should let this beer (or at least the nice people who made it) have its say by typing verbatim from the back of the bottle: "Handcrafted with an assortment of specialty malts and hops, we added a generous amount of pumpkin directly into the brew. Combine this with hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice, and you've got a beer that you won't soon forget." ...I'll give them that last part!

I was skeptical to even try this beer, but for the season, I couldn't resist. It was somewhat disappointing: more tricks than treats! But hey, what the hell - it's a fun conversation piece for the season, and you get a really big bottle! Bottoms up, boo's 'n' ghouls!

** 1/2 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$4.95 (US$4.75).


LCBO #67710
Beer, Ale, Craft Brewery
5.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 2
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Great Lakes Brewing Co. Inc.

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