After the first disaster that was Dos Equis Lager, and listening to one of my former bosses, I decided to give The Most Interesting Man in the World's favourite beer a second go, this time in an Amber incarnation.

Hmm. Perhaps there's such a thing as being too forgiving of certain beer brands by trying yet another of their varieties - and this may be just one such a case!

I don't know what it is about this brand - perhaps it's because it's bottled? For the record, I usually favour beer on tap over any other form of presentation, be it bottle or can; tap - 9 out of 10 times - trumps anything else.

Or, perhaps I'm biased against commercials whose leading stars seem to have more interesting lives than me. Could it all just be a case of jealousy of TMIMITW? Frankly, that's for me and my therapist to go over!

Let's talk about beer (that being the case, I certainly shouldn't be talking about THIS one...OOO...what do the kids say? Snap? Sure. That works.).

Okay okay, I'll talk about the damn "beer." Bottled (in case the picture doesn't give it away to you), it pours a deep caramel colour, and when held up into the light, it is a rich, bronzy red...the red obviously meaning, "STOP! Don't drink this!" But I did anyway.

The smell was perhaps the best part of this bee...beverage. It is light, with a fruity, sweet scent, almost reminding me of the sweet sugar of candies.

Upon was flat. Watery. Taste: WHERE WERE YOU?? In all honesty, and I'm not doing this out of spite, there was very little body and very little taste to note, aside from some grains and a light caramel hint, but even they were weak.

One of the only other bright hilights in this beer was the aftertaste-aftertaste (meaning the taste that lingers after the initial aftertaste): sweeter and pleasant are the words that I conceived.

Now the disclaimer: perhaps it was just this bottle, or perhaps the beer had been sitting in it for a little too long, because honestly, I did not think it could be worse than the lager, and I do not even know whether to grade it higher or lower. I would guess lower: although I did NOT like the lager, it at least had taste! Oh - and does this disclaimer mean I will try it again, in case it was just this certain bottle that was off?

Hell no. And here's why.

For me, Dos Equis is like baseball, but slightly different: in this case, all it took was two strikes - dos equis (two x's) - and YOU'RE OUT!!!

*3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.05 (US$1.98) (aside: look at that Canadian Dollar folks!)


DOS EQUIS AMBER, 355 mL bottle
LCBO #899336 (#119735 for the six pack)
Beer, Lager
4.6% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3
Made in: Mexico
By: Cerveceria Cuauhtemo Moctezuma, S.A.

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