I will be the first to admit, dear reader, that when it comes to dark beers or ales, I'm...weary at best (except for Guinness, which is, I don't care what people say, the fruit of the gods). There.

When I purchased this one, I didn't even know it was a dark beer/ale...although the subtle writing of "brune" on the bottom right-hand side of the label perhaps should have tipped me off. But hey, who the hell knows what brune means? (I should's French for brown!!! Le d'oh.) Let's get to details, shall we, and leave the linguistics for another day.

This beer is named after the Affligem Abbey of Belgium, which was founded in the year 1074, and to this day, well, it only licenses its name to be slapped onto the label.

But! In its defence, they did brew beer since 1574, or, according to, since 1704 using traditional methods. Believe who you want I reckon! Anyway, I could think of worse things to do than making beer for centuries on end, seeing as there isn't much else to do in an Abbey save for pray and clean up after each other.

And this beer, to my delight, really cleaned up in the taste department. Let's see more, and come back in time to the days of when these noble monks worked to make a noble beer.

Using ye olde bottle opener, it pourethed a dark amber brown colour, and was says I, very rich looking (thou better believeth it)!

A smell as sweet as the most chaste of maidens greeted ye olde sniffer, deep and full, yet with hark! striking notes of malt.

I tasted it, and thou wilt also note dryness and thy good malt as in the smell, with bitterness, which, I art glad to reporteth, is not too overwhelming. Ye big alcohol punch of almost 7% does not kill the taste of this lovely ale, and remains true like a knight's honour: smooth, with a medium-full body.

When hence thou art almost finished thy beer, observe with thy senses the pleasant aftertaste, which aye, 'tis not too dry either nor too bitter, with some lingering sweetness. I say: interesting!

'Tis definitely not a beer to quaff in large amounts, or gulp down like the greediest of serfs, but nay, drink it like a Lord, with slowness, admiration, and enjoy...ability.

So, cart thyself down in thy cart to thy local inn keeper or ale hall, and demand this brew for thyself: thou shalt not regret choosing this ale once crafted by the humblest of monks (now owned by Heineken international conglomerate multinational beer interest).

*** out of 4

Purchased at Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.75 (US$2.64).


AFFLIGEM DUBBEL, 330 mL bottle
LCBO #125153
Beer, Ale
Sugar Content: 4
Made in: Belgium
By: Heinken'S Brouwerijen Nederland Bv

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