Till just a few short days ago, I had never tasted a "gamay," never knew what "gamay" was, nor even heard of the term "gamay."

Had enough of me saying "gamay?" Me too.

But once you've tried this wine, oooh, you'll be saying it at work, in the street to random strangers, to your significant other, to your pet, clergyman, you name it.

If you're like me and are unaware of "gamay," let me educate thee; after all, that's why I'm here, not just to write some cheap column and have an excuse to drink wine (although it's a damn fine excuse). According to our friends at Wikipedia, the gamay - a type of grape - first originated in France in the 14th century. ...Sorry, that's all I got.

On to the wine!

This Ontario gem is fastened with a screw-top cap, and pours a very deep red. Even on first glimpse it looks rich and enticing, and swirls about the glass in a slowww, lingerrrrring type way.

Smelling full of flavour, of cherries and other dark fruits, Malivoire is almost wild and foresty (?), and definitely distinct.

Tasting, I also picked up blueberries and blackberries; oh my! It tastes luxurious; it IS luxurious. More, more, MORE!

Dryish, and medium to heavy bodied (but not in a bad way), this wine has a slight acidic tilt to it (going with the foresty bit from above), and has a slight thickness to it, combined with the rich fruity taste, almost seems like a dessert wine, but is incredibly drinkable.

And as if it matters, the aftertaste is not offensive, doesn't change terribly, and lingers nicely.

Well. What a tour de force! I note again these strong adjectives for you grammar buffs that I recorded above and in my notes: "luxurious"; "delicious"; "sumptuous"; "just great"; "a treat."

What more do I need say? Although not cheap, just buy the damn wine, you will love it.

This one joins the Comtes de Lauze Cotes du Rhone I reviewed earlier in a very exclusive class here on "Matt's Wine Not!"

**** out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$17.95 (US$16.60).


MALIVOIRE GAMAY 2007, 750 mL bottle
LCBO/Vintages #591313
Wine, Red Wine
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: XD
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Malivoire Wine Co.

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