Well dear reader, if you're anything like me, the very idea of Winter, the word "Winter," and everything about this abominable season sends chills down your spine (as it should; it's cold!). So, if you're like me, and want to stick a big old finger (I'm not saying which one!) at Old Man Winter, sit back, enjoy, and savour a beautiful wine that reminds you that Summer isn't quite done yet, and Fall can still afford to bring some wonderful weather.

This is yet another quality wine produced in my home province of Ontario, which I feel is often overlooked by the international wine community in favour of Old World and even Australian, Chilean, etc. wines. Ontario has produced award winning wines for years, so next time you happen to see this or another Ontario wine in your liquor outlet, try one, you might just love it, as I did this one.

Synthetically corked this rosé or blush wine pours and presents a lovely lighty orangy pink colour in the glass; if you want to really freshen out a room, try painting it that colour!

Upon first sniff, one is instantly embraced by a fresh, crisp grapy scent, beckoning to reveal notes of peach and strawberry.

This wine is definitely not a heavy one, but is light to medium body, whose sweetness is balanced very well by the depth of flavour, but does go down dry (I recorded in my notes that the aftertaste left a little to be desired, but only likely because the initial flavour was so good, a faint aftertaste is kinda disappointing).

Magnotta's White Merlot has the lightness of a white, but the depth and body of a red, making this a perfect balance of both styles. Refreshing and full of flavour, this is a definite winner and is surely best served chilled (as the bottle itself recommends). How ironic: to enjoy Summer tastes, one must chill this wine. Contradictory, but well worth it!

***1/2 out of 4

Purchased at a Magnotta Wine Store for C$13.95 (US$13.05).


2007 White Merlot Special Reserve VQA, 750 mL bottle
Magnotta Product Number #4521
12.4% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar: 3
Made in: Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
By: Magnotta Winery

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