As you well know by now dear reader, myself and my good lady wife are Canadian (eh?), and as such, are compelled to take French from an early age for several years. This, you might think, gives me an edge when reviewing French wines!

Why would I have such an edge? I have no clue. And frankly, I don't! But I love the name of the man on this bottle...if I'm not mistaken it reads: "George of Beef." Isn't "boeuf" beef?? What does "beef" have to do with wine (aside from it being a great pairing with beef)?

I digress! All this existential rubbish aside, what I do know is, that this Georges Duboeuf makes one hell of a great wine.

I love this wine. /column

This naturally corked delight pours into the glass and presents a lighter crimson colour, almost a deep cherry, giving you a hint of what tasty delights are to come.

Take a sniff of this, and AH! you are transported to some wonderful, mystical garden, with refreshing and scintillating (no thesaurus required baby, I knew that word!) flowery notes, making the images of flowers on the label no accident.

Light to medium bodied (but definitely trending to the light), flowers and fruit tantalize your mouth with each passing sip.

This wine is a lovely light and refreshing drink, is very smooth and delicate, and has a satisfying, lovely aftertaste that lingers and dances about your tastebuds not unlike peasants around a may pole in 15th century England. Or something.

Long story short, this is a beautiful wine, whose label even suggests you chill it slightly if you so desire. At an affordable price too, this will bring joy to any Summer meal, or perhaps even when in Winter's icy grip, may remind you of sunny, fresh days to come. Beauj-ole!

***3/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$12.95 (US$11.94).


LCBO #122077
Wine, Red Wine
12.2% Alcohol/Vol.
Made in: Burgundy, France
By: George Duboeuf

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