Well dear reader, in the world of beer, some beers proclaim themselves to be royalty. The most famous of course is Budweiser - King Bud...sounds like something out of "Married with Children." However! There is another beer out there clamouring for the throne...admittedly lesser known, perhaps exiled in Germany for a long time, but here it is: König Pilsener. Why, it even has a crown on the can, and its very name means "King" (at least the "König" part does).

BUT! Does it live up to such lofty aims? Will it steal the crown and rule the world of beers?

Hmm. After reviewing this one, I think King Bud need not worry.

That's not to say that this beer was bad, it was just...another beer.

Medium yellow hue when poured, it royally presents a fresh, beery smell, light to medium in heaviness, with some clean sweetness to it. Not bad. But you all "nose" (sorry) there's more to beer than smell, but at times, I wish that's all I had to review.

It has a nice carbonated bubbly zing to it, but is definitely hoppy (i.e. some bitterness/graininess), but not too heavy.

This one is dry and not too sweet at all. It's just not complicated and given that this beer has only three ingredients: water, barley, and malt, I'm not surprised.

The beer gives a hoppy aftertaste that lingers, and isn't too clean.

Eh. Meh. Whatever. It is what it is.

Royal? Dunno...maybe it should pull a King Edward VIII and Abdicate, as I think you won't be bursting into choruses of "God Save the King" after having this one. Definitely better with food.

**1/4 out of 4

Purchased at a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store for C$2.05 (US$1.89).


LCBO #354928
Beer, Lager
4.9% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content: 3
Made in: Germany
By: Konig Brauerei Gmbh

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