Hello Food Tastes Yummy fans!

Matt and I are celebrating 100 posts on, and we want to thank each and every one of you who have visited us and supported us.

I started this blog about two and half months ago and I feel that I've accomplished quite a bit in that short time. Being new to the world wide web I honestly didn't know anything about blogs or how to go about starting one. It was like walking into an unfamiliar land and trying to learn a new language and culture. Trying to figure out the whole html thing made me feel uneasy and I really didn't know if I could set out to accomplish what I had originally envisioned for my new site. I spent many hours on the computer and Googled everything I could about blogs. After much tweeking I am finally happy with the site I currently have.

My goal for this site was simple: post easy and delicious home recipes, accompanied with a picture of the finished product. I find that there are so many cookbooks and cooking websites that don't put enough pictures and I feel it leaves the viewer wondering, "what is this recipe supposed to look like?" I wanted no guess work; just easy recipes that made people say, "this food tastes yummy." I hope I have accomplished that much so far. The one thing I am so glad to have done was to ask my husband Matt to be involved in this blog with his two opinion columns, "Matt's Wine Not!" and "Matt's Beer We Go!" As with any good food there is the pairing of a good wine which is the reason why Matt became involved in this process.

As for the future of this site I plan to post "how-to" videos and post other food related articles. I would also love to post recipes from my readers. I really want to encourage all of you out there to write to me and "feed me" any good recipe suggestions. I want to know what you think of the website and if there is anything you would like to see in the near future on Food Tastes Yummy from either Matt and I, please either leave a comment after the post or write to us personally. The one thing we will always do is write back to our readers. I've enjoyed the ride so far and I hope you all will come back. I pass it now to Matt.

Hello again dear readers! It's my pleasure to help celebrate this great milestone on FTY, and I'm so pleased to have had my good lady wife invite me to take part here. I've come to enjoy this wine tasting business, although I am, and likely will remain, an amateur - and I think that's a strength. So many wine reviews discuss such acute points and tastes of wine that it does not speak to the 99% of people out there who enjoy wine, and just want to know one thing: is it worth my time to buy and enjoy. I too want to thank all of you who have read my little columns, and I - like Nancy - appreciate any and all feedback.

In the future, God willing, I would like to expand my beer column (shouldn't be too hard to do!) and perhaps even take a vineyard or brewery tour, and tell you about our adventures in those places, giving you a bit more indepth, first hand knowledge about beer and wine making. Mind you, a free trip to Scotland to learn about scotch would be nice too...

And, again like Nancy, if you have any wines or beers you think are yummy and think I should try (conditional on its availability in my area), then I'll see what I can do! In the meantime, I'll keep up what I'm doing, and hope you'll lift a glass with me and continue to enjoy wine and beer in all their beauty. Thank you!

Nancy and Matt

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